1. The language of sin is dead after this anyway. 😊


  2. From a Max Lucado book. A writer driven by scripture.


  3. Don’t think so.


  4. Rare finds. Next lot in the near future. Meanwhile missing trips to @grevillestreetrecords. #vinyl #rarities #travelling_sounds #collectors_items #cult_status_items 😈😤🙊👹💥👾 The lot of it.


  5. thephotoglife:

    Super Veloce.

    I believe in this mess .

    (via itspabs)


  6. 2k InDaMidst posse memories. Just had to do it. The tour was visually good. Engraved in me & will always will be. #christianculture #hiphopmusic #Aushiphop #mustard_records *#Oz #downunder #australia #aussiemusic


  7. Should’ve shared Christ to a friend. Rest in peace Maise.


  8. One for the cold weather! 😆 only one innuendo after another. I don’t understand anything to do with all else stigmatized so I sparked one up.


  9. Ain’t working for free man.


  10. Fuck what’s current.