1. Should’ve shared Christ to a friend. Rest in peace Maise.


  2. One for the cold weather! 😆 only one innuendo after another. I don’t understand anything to do with all else stigmatized so I sparked one up.


  3. Ain’t working for free man.


  4. Fuck what’s current.


  5. Don’t know how to use the portamento of this thing up to now. Not effectively anyhows.


  6. Early morning study in the studio. Good start putting on Quasimoto to vibe & piece to. #youdontstop


  7. Media station in my studio. More or less a clean up for the night. Cohesion is what I am going for & in most cases it’s a wild choice. #music_heals.


  8. Haven’t been on a train for a while. Everything iPad for everyone apparently.


  9. Happy birthday! @markrodil 😆


  10. If you look at it that way.